Ontario Real Estate

     Founded as a Model Colony, based on innovation, planned development, community service and family values, the City of Ontario has become the economic heart of the region. The City Council is committed to maintaining Ontario’s leadership role in the Inland Empire by continuing to invest in the growth and evolution of the area’s economy while providing a balance of jobs, housing, and educational and recreational opportunities for our residents in a safe, well-maintained community. Ontario‚Äôs official song is “Beautiful Ontario,” written by Paul Coronel in 1960. The official flower is the Charlotte Armstrong rose, developed by local nurseryman John Armstrong and named for his first wife. At different times, Ontario has adopted as its slogan or motto each of the following: The Model Colony; The Model City; The City That Charms; Ontario Offers Opportunity; Pulse of the Inland Empire; Stop and Grow with Ontario; Gateway to the Inland Empire; A Balanced Community; The Gateway to Southern California; and Southern California’s Next Urban Center.